The Network of Light Meditation

by Paul Fletcher

The meditation is held on the first day of each month at 9pm. This is a link-up between all the individuals and groups who are responding to the network of light resonance. We have had several enquiries about the meditation so we would like to take this chance to provide a suggested framework.

Each individual is a force-field or magnetic centre radiating energies at a specific rate of vibration. One effect of linking up with each other in meditation is the generation of a spiritual force greater in potential than the sum total of its parts. It is impossible to over-estimate the impact of this activity which enables a regenerative power on Earth to become operative.

It is suggested that you be sitting quietly by 8:55pm so that you can make your connections in preparation. In the act of being still something infinitely more vital than the mere linking up with other like-minded spiritual groups throughout the world is achieved. A might force-field is created composed of the auric radiations of all participants enabling high frequency energy to interpenetrate more effectively with the dense physical levels.

Once settled it is suggested that The Great Invocation is used. This is encouraged but not essential. Then one can begin to imagine the linking up of three separate levels - the higher angelic worlds drawing closer, the human kingdom and then the Gaian Earth energies - clearing the ley lines, linking with elementals etc. This interpenetrative three aspect process helps to bring the Forces of Light into contact with each other. We will discuss the development of this process in newsletter no.2 next year bringing in such factors as the Glastonbury-Findhorn-Iona triangle, the emergence of the new Albion Temple and the Michael and Mary lines.

It is interesting to note that several groups have reported seeing a spiral of light emerging over the British Isles during the link-ups. This changes from rainbow coloured light to blue and silver light to white light and from the top of the spiral emerges a chalice. So the energy is moving from our heart centres linking with all these other places, people and kingdoms, offering our assistance in this Grand Exercise of Purpose.

In our coming together in the act of meditation we have joined forces through the emerging Network and the impact of doing this is immeasurable. We close the meditation after about twenty minutes with a suitable dedication. Those unable to join in at the exact time are encouraged to participate by tuning in at a time convenient to themselves, wherever they may be, knowing that the impact of this transcends the limitations of space-time.

We would like hear your comments about the emerging form of the Network of Light meditation and any experiences you wish to share.